Friday, 3 June 2011

Some questions about the weather. Preguntes sobre el temps.

Today we have finished  our project about the weather. Avui hem acabat el llibre del temps. A veure què hem après. Let's remember a few things. Si no sabeu com enviar-me les respostes, dieu als pares que m'ho enviïn a

   a) The name of the four seasons

   b) The sun sh ....s
       The wind bl ...s

  c) In winter, It's .....
      In summer, It's ....
      In spring, It r.....     
      In autumn, the leaves....   



 d) Translate:  Sky, Fog, Wind, Snow, Thunder, Lightning.

 e) Do you remember the colours of the rainbow?

 f)   What are thick clothes? and light clothes?

g)    The months of the year

h)   Put in order the parts of the water cycle

i)   What's the weather like today?



  1. Rose soc la Catrina te escric les respostes:
    B.shines, kblows (blowing)
    C. In winter, it's cold.
    In summer, it's hot.
    In spring, it's raining.
    In autumn, the leaves fall., fog:niebla, wind:viento, thunder:trueno, lightning:rayo.
    E. red,orange,yellow,green,blue sky,blue,purple.
    F.ropa gruesa, ropa ligera.
    G.jenuary, febuary,march,april,may,agoust,setember,octuber,november,desember.
    I. today there is sunny and clouds. I like hot weather.

  2. Hola t´excric els mesos de l´any:
    jenary,febrari,march,april,may.june,july,agust,se-ptamber,octuber,november and descember.

    judith 2ºC

  3. rosa ja te he posat les respostes al correo
    : Maria Paula

  4. hola rosa moltes gracies per la nota que me as posa tu agrec moltisim llo pensaba que trauria un be,supenso o sufi

    carla blanco


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