Saturday, 25 August 2012

I've just found this table in an excellent blog. Visit it. Highly recommended. It's plenty of stories and smart material for children. L'Anglès a l'Escola Esplai. Congrats to the author/s!

Dtizen Stories

I love rainy days
Dinosaurs in swarms
The love stars
I wish I had a tree in my houseAlice in Wonderland
Farting competitionDotty inventions
Bremen Town MusiciansNoahs Bed
A tiger that poundsFinding a husband for Mr Moles’ daughter
Where are you all hiding
A dog of Flanders 
Goldilocks and the three bearsThe ugly duckling
The ants and the grasshopper
Aladdin’s Lamp
The Gingerbread ManThe goose with the golden eggs
Little Red Riding Hood
Country mouse and city mouse 
Grandma’s scarfWhat happened
The great big turnip
The princess and the pea
Goldilocks and the three bearsWhen I grow up
The spring partyThe Shoemaker and the elves
The Little MermaidAli Baba and the 40 thieves
The best cake in the jungleI love my daddy
The pied piper of HamelinThe golden goose
The happy princeDragons lovely fire
Boris winterThe ice plane
The blue bikeThe frog and the ox
Snow WhiteThe north wind and the sun
Karen and HansThe Fox and the crow
Chicken littleJack and the beanstalk
CinderellaBelling the cat 
The ant and the GrasshopperThe bear and the two friends
The crow and the peakockThe donkey and the load of salt
The fox and the crowThe rabbit and the tortoise
The fox and the storkThe rabbit and the turtle
The shepherd boy and the wolfThe wind and the sun
The man and the wolfThe frog prince
Puss in bootsSnow Queen
ThumbelinaLazy Jack 
The six swansThe greatest jumper
The six blind men and the elephantMidas touch
The lion and the mousePinocchio
The Little Red HeanThe monkey king 
The wolf and the seven little goatsMr Kim and Mr Park
The faithful tigerThe beans and the three sons
The talkative wifeThe great dipper
The farmer and the cowThe farmer and the turnip
The liver of the rabbitThe fairy and the woodcutter
The magic springKongji and Patji
The mouse and the fingernailsThe sun and the moon
The wise man and the duckThe dog and the cat
Altair and VegaThe grateful Magpies
The magic boxA rooster and a phoenix 
The teacher and the candiesThe happy family and the unhappy
The two brothersThe silly tiger and the smart rabbit
The strangers in the mirrorThree golden plums
The foolish sonThe farting daughter in law
The King with dunkey earsThe Elves and the shoemaker
The princess and the peaBeauty and beast
The Three little pigs


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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

E-learning for kids

Why not? This is an amazing web where your children can get some courses. It's classified by levels and subjects. Take a walk on it!

  e-Learning for kids

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I support Free Learning

I support free learning